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We bring to you, Bhoona Baingan-  the authentic, smoky rustic taste of a roasted baingan straight from the fire to your kitchen. Carefully selected , best quality baingans are harvested and then roasted on hardwood within a few hours from harvesting. The peeled, cleaned and mashed baingan is then packed and thermally preserved without any added artificial preservatives or chemicals to maintain the authenticity of aroma, texture and taste of the product. 


How do we deliver the enticing smoky signature aroma of Bhoona Baingan ?  Well, that's a secret of our well researched selection of hardwoods, oven design and controlled thermal process mastered over three years of research and experiments . This ensures that every single time you open the package, you will experience the smoky aroma of roasting the Baingan out in the farm on a bright sunny winter morning.  

Let's explore how this aroma of Bhoona Baingan in the 

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