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How it all started... 

Long long ago, in the paleolithic time, somewhere in the grass plains of Central India, a curious band of Homo Sapiens was foraging through the remains of a wildfire for food. .........AND the leader of the tribe, the great sapien momma discovered this smoking hottttt , big bottomed berry called Baingan resting on the ambers of coal . Its aroma was ruling over the aroma of barbequed everything around !

"Wow, this is something!! " said the momma sapien . Curious she was!! She peeled the charred skin of the baingan. Under the charred skin, there was this rich, sliky, smooth pulp fragrant with its smoky aroma. She couldn't resist the temptation to taste it. She took a bite and .....Ohh la la!!! That was an irresistible mixture of flavours , taste and texture! 

That evening, when the band of Sapiens gathered around their camp, among the festivities of the tribe, Momma Sapien rose a toast. 

​" My fellow sapiens. Today , I give you all , a delicacy that will rule the world beyond this land , beyond the seas and oceans, beyond the plains and the mountains. It will rule beyond this time, and the ages to come. It will rule beyond the kingdoms, dynasties and empires to come. .Please raise your toast to " The Baingan Republic"

Today, this culinary delight is the fourth largest consumed vegetable on the globe and third largest consumed in its place of origin- India. Today, the Baingan Republic has spread all across the world starting from central India . It's ruling through all types of baingan bharta of south asia, to the guacamole de beranjane of South America through baba ganoush and mutabbal of west asia, roasted mashed baingan is satiating the taste buds of all. 

Today, we bring to you, the same authentic aroma, flavours, taste and texture of Baingan through our range of  

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